Jennifer Robinson

Address: 17618 Davenport Road, Suite 2
Dallas, TX 75252

Phone Number: 972-930-9990

Business Name: Outback Roofing, LLC

Industry: General Contractor - Residential

Position/Title: Sales and Marketing Manager

Cell: 214-680-1640

Fax: 469-737-6822

Description of Business: Residential and Commercial Roofing, including fences, siding, windows, gutters, interior and exterior damage

Year Founded: 2004

Business URL:

Previous business experience.
I owned my photography company for 15 years. Prior to that I was a social worker specializing in grief and loss.

What sets you apart from the competition?
Outback Roofing is an award winning company. Every year we strive to be the best of the best, by holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable in a business that is without any kind of regulation. We will not "eat" or "waive" insurance deductibles, and always do the right thing even if it means losing business.

What is your ideal client?
My ideal client is a consumer who is not just looking for someone to replace their roof for free, thereby committing insurance fraud, but someone who expects great quality as well as integrity when going through the never-fun process of replacing their roof.

What are some keywords describing your business?
Free Roof Inspections, Quality Roof Replacement