Krystal Yates

Address: 405 TX 121
Lewisville, TX 75067

Phone Number: 972-855-8009

Business Name: EBR Consulting, LLC

Industry: Human Resources Consultation

Position/Title: Owner / Consultant

Description of Business: Human Resource Consulting for Small Businesses; Career Coaching for Professionals

Year Founded: 2015

Professional Affiliations: DallasHR; HRSouthwest Conference; Feral Friends; SCORE Dallas

Business URL:

Previous business experience.
almost 20 years in small business operations roles

What sets you apart from the competition?
I work as a genuine consultant teaching entrepreneurs how to properly manage their employees for maximum return

What is your ideal client?
Small Business with 1 - 20 employees; mid to executive level job seeker

What are some keywords describing your business?
HR; Employment Law; Policies; Employee Engagement