Michael Battaglia

Address: 8330 LBJ Frwy, Suite 1185
Dallas, TX 75243

Phone Number: 972-832-4494

Business Name: InsureYouToo, LLC

Industry: Insurance - Group Employee Benefits

Position/Title: Employee Benefits Specialist

Cell: 972-832-4840

Fax: 469-213-3808

Description of Business: Companies are experiencing the turbulent environment created by the Health Care Reform law. As ever changing regulations are increasingly harder to navigate, businesses are forced to look for answers to questions that didn’t exist just months earlier. Terms like “safe harbor” and “mandate” litter conversations leaving less time for important issues like production and customer satisfaction. What was true yesterday, isn’t true today, and will be different tomorrow. It is time to find ways to out-flank your completion by turning the tables and taking advantage of the regulations themselves. Innovations in the market place have shaped new products that capitalize on provisions in the law allowing businesses to design strategies that give them a competitive advantage. Insurance products once only available to large corporations are moving downstream to exploit tax-regulations; new products like self-funded supplemental insurance are allowing workforces to effectively close gaps the law has created. Where there’s change, there’s opportunity. At InsureYouToo we are dedicated to finding your opportunities and transform health care reform into your strategic advantage. Now is the time to face this new peril head-on before this small window of opportunity closes. Give us a call today at 972-832-4494 and let’s start your transformation.

Year Founded: 2010

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Previous business experience.
25 years of consulting experience with for large corporations. Software development, business process re-engineering, and disaster recovery

What sets you apart from the competition?
We transform Health Care Reform into a strategic advantage for our clients

What is your ideal client?
We work with companies that are between 10-100

What are some keywords describing your business?
Employee benefits, Health Insurance, Dental, vision, STD, LTD, Life, Health Insurance