Flashback Thursday

How can serving in your community be so much fun? Team truly taps into the giving spirit and serves the community in numerous ways whether raising funds for cancer, peeling onions at the North Texas Food Bank or helping Rainbow Kids pass out 1,000 backpacks to children in shelters.

This colorful picture was taken a couple of years ago at one of our TeamQuest races where we raised over $13,000 for Mary Crawley Cancer Research Center. A day to remember where the participants identified stops by clues and found themselves completing a challenge at every stop. Every volunteer and participant had great fun working for the ultimate goal – giving back to the community.

These give back moments are not seen as a challenge, but as a joy to serve as a group to better our community. In the last two years, we have had the pleasure to work with the following organizations:

Bridge the Gap that serves hot lunches to the homeless the 3rd Saturday of every month.
North Texas Foodbank
Rainbow Kids
Red Balloon Festival

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, where are you serving your community? If you need some ideas reach out to a Team member and consider joining in one of the Team sponsored events.