10 Best Ways to Collect 1000 Coats

1000 Coats Needed!
          1000 Coats Needed!

Team Networking™, Community Service Committee, set a very aggressive goal to collect 1000 gently used coats by October 14, 2016. All coats will go to organizations directly helping individuals stay warm in the winter months. With 100 Team members, it works out perfectly 10 coats per member to meet the 1000 goal.

Community Service Committee Members are collecting the coats at the weekly chapter meetings and passing off to Tom Foster, Committee Chair, to hold until the cut off dates. Members are encouraged to reach out now to collect coats as families are purging closets to accommodate winter wardrobe.

What are the 10 Best Ways For A Team Networking™ Member to Collect 10 Coats?

  1. Ask Co-workers
  2. Ask Family
  3. Ask Neighbors
  4. Post on Facebook
  5. Post on LinkedIn
  6. Post on Next Door App (Has been very successful for a number of our members)
  7. Put a Collection Box in Your Office Building
  8. Put a Collection Box in Your Church Building
  9. Ask Other Groups Where You Are a Member such as Chamber, Rotary, Book Club, etc.
  10. Look in Your Own Closet

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Foster, Committee Chair, Tfoster@murphybusiness.com or his cell 402-306-1595.