2018 Team Networking™ Awards Luncheon

Come join us for our most treasured event all year to celebrate a successful year and enjoy gathering around a wonderful meal with friends!
When: December 13, 2018

Time: 11:00 – 1:30 pm

Location: Truluck’s Dallas

Cost: Early Registration – Sign up by December 10th – $35

Starting December 11 th to the day of the event – $45

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Come with your Business or Holiday Attire and let’s celebrate the Successes of the Year!

2018 Team Networking Business Summit

Team Networking is excited to present the 2018 Business Summit where members and guests will build new relationships, explore business topics including:
  • Ideas for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Customizing an elevator pitch
  • Latest technology apps
  • Communication secrets for a distracted world
  • and much more!
Peruse the session titles and speakers with bios are below.
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Keynote: Betti Coffey – Betti Coffey Presents

Contact: 972-248-8843

Topic: “Generating Momentum to Ignite Success!”
• Learn the 7 Secrets on How You Can Maintain Momentum in Life!
• When looking at your problems, often it seems impossible to even budge them, much less make a significant impact. Realize how Momentum matters more than strength…and how your persistence will matter more than any initial negative blow!
• Find out how you can get unstuck, drive change and accelerate growth with employee engagement… and do it Fast with Momentum!
• Discover How to Master the Ability to Create and Sustain Your Own Personal Momentum! What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in a while! Define what you want to add Momentum to?
• Find your special “vein of gold” and write your own personal formula for Success! Momentum + Mindset = Achievement!

Bio: Betti Coffey is a dynamic, energetic and inspirational speaker with the impressive ability to inspire audiences toward peak performance and high levels of achievement. Her audiences are Entertained, Empowered and Energized…with MOMENTUM!

Betti specializes in creating the MOMENTUM to energize cultures, embrace change and master the power of influence!

She has spoken to some of our nation’s most effective leaders and business professionals in Fortune 500 companies and organizations and has inspired thousands as a business growth leader, corporate director, business woman and entrepreneur.

Betti Understands the Top Challenges Leaders Face Today!

Betti has a BS Degree in Business, an MBA in Management and numerous certifications and awards.
She is an award-winning international speaker, trainer and coach. She is the creator of the innovative and exciting “Communicating with HorsePower” programs which motivate audiences towards peak performance, achievement and success! Betti is also the author of “The Eye of Leadership” books, in addition to being the creator of the “Momentum Masterclass”, “Momentum Equine Experience” and the “Momentum Masterminds” Programs.

Keynote: Debbie Mrazek – The-Sales-Company

Contact: 972-248-8843

Topic: “The Fortune is in the Follow-up”
• Prioritize what you have learned
• Make a list of who you need to share the information with
• Create a plan that really works to FOLLOW-UP after your great day

Bio: Debbie Mrazek is president of The Sales Company, a Texas-based firm that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals, and corporations better assess, understand and engage in practical purposeful selling. Mrazek designs and delivers sales programs and as well as conducts individual and team coaching. She’s also a speaker, author of The Field Guide To Sales and a conference facilitator. This year she has kicked off her brand new Membership Program – #GreatSalesPeople to help more people be able to excel at SALES!

Brisa Castillo – Acuity Systems, Inc.

Contact: 817-449-5671

Title: “Break the Rules, Close More Sales!”
• How to qualify prospects sooner rather than later.
• How to sell based on value instead of relying in features and benefits
• A sale process that results in four predictable outcomes and allows success to be replicated.

Bio: Brisa Castillo is an Associate at Acuity Systems, Inc., the longest running Sandler Training franchise in Texas. Since 1995, Acuity Systems has helped over 220 industries improve their sales processes and increase revenue.

As a social media sales expert, she specializes in helping sales teams excel in a technology-driven world, where 57% of the sales process is done before the first meeting.

Aside from being a sales consultant, Brisa is very passionate about helping the Hispanic community advance in education as well as business, and serves as the Stand Up co-chair at the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas. Featured in radio and print she is also currently a contributing writer for the Agency Sales Magazine.

Christina Rossini – Lighthouse Partners International

Contact: (214) 310-3818

Topic: “Capture the Crowd: Creating Your Unforgettable 30-Second Introduction”
Are you on autopilot or fumble with an answer to “What do you do?” In this interactive talk, we will cover the basics on how to craft your best, memorable 30-second introduction for any situation.
• Deliver a crystal-clear message
• Prepare your three pillars (success stories)
• Leave people saying ‘tell me more’

Bio: Sales Consultant | Social Enterprise Entrepreneur | Founder, Lighthouse Partners International
Christina Rossini is a sales professional with 8 years of experience in telecom and IT consulting sales. She has consulted with mid-size companies throughout the country, helping to enhance their data & voice network infrastructure. Today, she leads the indirect and direct sales channels for Logix Fiber Networks, a premier provider of fiber internet in Texas.
Christina is the founder of Lighthouse Partners International, where she builds community by creating international, faith-based group pilgrimage trips. She creates peak moments centered on spiritual travel for priests and lay people throughout the world.

Leveraging her sales and business experience from her telecom career—and sparked from one of her pilgrimages to Mexico, Christina and her husband Mark created an importing and international distribution firm for the Capeltic coffee co-operative in Chiapas, Mexico. Capeltic, a social innovation enterprise comprised of and serving an indigenous farming community, produces organic, fair trade coffee and pays their member farmers a sustainable, livable wage.

Ellie Gates – Leadership Techne

Contact: 408-439-2376

Topic: “Breaking Through the Noise and Effectively Communicate Your Message”
In this session, you will learn how to break through the noise and effectively communicate your message making a lasting impression.
• Encoding and owning your message for your audience
• Balancing head, heart, and soul in your messages
• Communicating in a flat and distracted world

Bio: Ellie Gates brings over two decades of global experience as a rising leader and senior executive in People & Culture. Her industry experience spans from working in large-scale high-tech companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, T-Mobile and MCI to smaller startups such as Snowflake, Omniture and Box. She also spends time advising and coaching leaders from educational institutions, non-profits, and NGOs.

Ellie moved to Waxahachie, Texas in June of 2017 to teach Business at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. She specializes in Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Human Resources.

Kyle Witham – N2Great, LLC

Contact: 817-929-5398

Topic: “In Our Execution We Find Our Answers”
• My story / what I learned (Authenticity/Genuineness/Self-Awareness)
• Focus on others to truly engage communication
• 5 tools for Engagement/Communication

Bio: Kyle Witham, content creator, public speaker, and business consultant/entrepreneur is originally from Alabama but calls Fort Worth, Texas home. He began his career in B2B IT/Telecommunications sales in 2013. Later he took on a variety of roles in Operations, Project Management and Software Development. Recently, he launched his own company, N2Great. He is consulting others to find greater solutions by focusing on people and process integration. He uses Multiple Project Management methodologies in his approach and incorporates with his strategy.
Kyle has always been a storyteller. He enjoys taking people on the journey with him as he talks about different topics, interests, and passions. He has had the opportunity to speak at LinkedIn Local Dallas, LinkedIn Local Austin, LinkedIn Local SXSW on the topic of Authenticity and Genuinely connecting with your community.

Kyle has been producing video and text content via LinkedIn since fall of 2017. Since then, he is a Co-Host of a LinkedIn Video Series, YouTube Channel, and Podcast called #CoffeeWithKyles. As he has produced content, he has been creating a personal and co-brand centered around and focused on others. Kyle believes that telling an authentic story is crucial to personal branding and creating content. Allowing people and businesses to have a platform to tell their authentic story is one of the many ways he aims to help those around him.

Linda White – Accelerate Online Marketing

Contact: 214-234-9616

Topic: “Marketing with Facebook”
Facebook is no longer just a business to consumer platform, but to be successful you need to create
a process with specific, measurable goals. In this talk, you will learn how to:
• Identify your objectives for using Facebook as a marketing tool
• Create the right strategy to marketing my business on Facebook
• Utilize the best ad campaign to use on Facebook

Bio: Linda White is President of Accelerate Online Marketing, Inc. She has been with the agency for over 8 years,
starting as the Director of Business Development, before moving to Vice President of Business Development. Prior
to joining Accelerate, Linda’s spent 14 years in the publishing industry working with Prentice Hall Computer
Publishing as a National Sales Manager, traveling across the country working with major computer brands as
including CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, Sam’s Club and Costco. Her last four years in publishing were in online
learning for McGraw Hill with clients like Cap Gemini, Dallas Community College System, and Arkansas Community
College System.
In her free time, Linda has a passion for volunteering. Linda is a member of AAF Dallas, (American Advertising
Federation) and sits on the AAF Board for Dallas. She is also on the board of WOW (Women for Orphans
Worldwide), an auxiliary group to the non-profit Orphan Outreach, who supports education to orphans in several
third world countries. WOW focuses on providing education and personal needs to orphans in Guatemala. Linda
and her daughter have been on numerous mission trips to Guatemala to support their effort.

Peggy Edge – Edge Consultants

Contact: 214-725-7626

Topic: “LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool”
LinkedIn is the most valuable marketing tool that you have in your sales toolbox. You can use LI to get recognized as an expert in your industry; research companies and their key management teams; and connect with former colleagues and vendors. In this workshop, you will learn:
• How to get recognized as an expert in your industry.
• How to personalize your profile for maximum effectiveness
• How to utilize LI as a marketing tool

Bio: Peggy Edge is a Connector of People–Avid Networker who has honed her networking skills in various leadership roles with networking organizations in the DFW metro area. Trained as an industrial packaging specialist, she has over 30 years’ experience building a business exclusively with warm referrals.
Peggy is the founder of Edge Consultants, a Certified Professional Coach, corporate trainer and public speaker that works with individuals, sales teams, and trade associations how to be effective business networkers. In her book: “5 Key Steps to Effective Business Networking” she offers down-to-earth, practical and workable guidelines to help you take your business “Over the Edge.” She also is a LinkedIn specialist who knows how to use it as a strong marketing tool.
She is a member of the National Speakers Association of North Texas. In 2016, she received the President’s Award for her work with the organization’s tactical labs. Peggy is also a 20-year member of Team Networking and the recipient of the 2015 Jo Wagner Networker of the Year Award.
Peggy is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She and her husband Wally have one son and share their home with Lizza, their Persian kitty.

Sarah Harris – Keotter Advanced Security Solutions, Inc.

Contact: 214-830-1900

Topic: “Work Smart – Close Strong”
• Are you managing your time for maximum results?
• Discover Time-blocking
• Top 3 Best Tips on Getting Organized
• Determine priorities and focus on what’s important
• Using a consultative sales process to ensure a strong close

Bio: For over three decades, Sarah Harris has built an extraordinary career in Sales, Sales Management and Sales Training and Coaching. She has shared her knowledge from a podium at conferences, seminars and in classrooms throughout the country. In addition, Sarah has authored over 380 sales related articles, has delivered countless sales webinars, has planned and developed sales curriculum for several major corporations.

Due to her passion for communicating and helping others, Sarah is also a Certified Chaplain and Ordained Minister, which has opened doors for performing wedding ceremonies, conducting funerals, speaking at faith-based women’s conferences and serving in the marketplace as a Corporate Chaplain.

Sarah is single and has two beautiful daughters, Laura and Kate. Kate is a super-saleswoman and is heavily involved in TEAM. Laura and her husband have blessed Sarah with her first grandchild, Eden, now 17 months. Sarah enjoys oil painting, cooking, live plays, concerts, and antique mall treasure hunts!

Scott Drescher – Highlands Residential Mortgage

Contact: 214-444-9750

Topic: “Making Your Presentation Memorable”
• Preparation that primes for success
• Content that pops
• Delivering the message
• Visuals that support without distracting

Bio: Scott Drescher is a creative expert as well as proven leader. My strengths are focused intensity, clear thought and expression, industry knowledge and cross-discipline expertise.
• Vice President of Business Development at Highlands Residential Mortgage, a Dallas-based national mortgage banker. Responsibilities include sourcing and originating mortgages and mentoring and coaching other loan officers.
• 26 years as a mortgage originator.
• 2010 – 2017 D Magazine “Best Mortgage Lender” selection.
• 2012 – 2017 Texas Monthly Magazine “Five Star Mortgage Professional” selection.
• BA from Johns Hopkins University (1982), and
• MBA from the University of Dallas Graduate School of Management (2000).

Timmy Newsome – Newtec Business Solutions

Contact: 972-248-7251

Topic/Title: “What’s New in Technology Apps”

Bio: A member of three collegiate football hall of fames, Timmy Newsome, a former Dallas Cowboys football player, was named to the The Dallas Cowboys Weekly Newspaper all-decade team (1980-1989). He finished his career as the 9th leading receiver in Dallas Cowboys history and considered “…one of the more unique players the Cowboys have had…” by Dallascowboys.com (March 24, 2017).

Football off seasons (1981-1989) were spent working as a computer-programmer/analyst in banking (ATMs), voter registration and elections systems. In 1991, Newsome founded Newtec Business Solutions (NBS), developing software for wholesale and distribution businesses. Today, NBS is a managed services technology company, and provider of unified communications and collaboration products and services to the private and education sector.

His firm incorporates a customer’s business communication and collaboration methods, and devices into one integrated, easy-to-manage system: phone system; mobile; desktop; video conferencing; screen share; remote office; phone; voicemail; presence indicator; fax; file collaboration; and file backup.
Newsome earned a degree in business administration with a minor in computer science from Winston-Salem State University.

Certifications and partnerships: ● Cisco Select Certified ● Microsoft Education ● Google Education ● Microsoft Solutions Provider ● IBM Business Partner

Valerie Jimenez – Bold Entity

Contact: 214-400-7813

Topic: “Attract More Profitable Clients by Creating a Powerful Unique Value Proposition”
• Understanding the value you bring to the market is essential for business growth and long-term success
• Let’s start with the questions every business should be asking themselves
• Learn how to create branding messages around your Unique Value Proposition
• Delve into a process that has proven to attract better, more lucrative clients

Bio: Over the past ten years, Valerie Jimenez has been responsible for the marketing efforts across 8 countries. Through her experience, she has also led several internal marketing campaigns for the biggest Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Valerie oversees the development of each client’s strategy and she is responsible for leading her team in creating branding campaigns for clients that want to incorporate new media. To date, her company has successfully launched more than 600 websites and helped hundreds of small business owners across the US to identify their unique value proposition and spread that message through social media and digital channels.

Recognized as a leader in the marketing industry, Valerie has earned several marketing awards, including Best Website at the GDHCC Technology Conference. The success of this company is a clear demonstration of her drive, dedication and talent.

Team Networking 2018 Leadership

Team Networking is pleased to announce the leadership for the organization for 2018.

Executive Board

Melody Gray – President

James McLendon – Vice President

Zoltan Papp – Secretary/Treasury

Judy Hutcheson – Past President


Chapter Leaders


Leader: Stephen McDaniel

Co-Leader: Patrick Dolan

Member Liaison: Kristi McCampbell

Central Business District (CBD)

Leader:  Liz Cristostomo

Co-Leader: Phillip Cannatti

Member Liaison: Kate Rowley


Leader: Jennifer Killough

Co-Leader: Melissa Buck

Member Liaison: Matthew Peisker

High 5

Leader: Matt Wilson

Co-Leader: Jake Perry

Member Liaison: Zoltan Papp

North Dallas

Leader: Mike Pattison

Co-Leader: David Twu

Member Liaison: Faby Law


Leader: Tom Foster

Co-Leader: Jennifer Robinson

Member Liaison: Christina Rossini


We are excited to have another great leadership team to drive the best networking group in Dallas!

Flashback Thursday

How can serving in your community be so much fun? Team truly taps into the giving spirit and serves the community in numerous ways whether raising funds for cancer, peeling onions at the North Texas Food Bank or helping Rainbow Kids pass out 1,000 backpacks to children in shelters.

This colorful picture was taken a couple of years ago at one of our TeamQuest races where we raised over $13,000 for Mary Crawley Cancer Research Center. A day to remember where the participants identified stops by clues and found themselves completing a challenge at every stop. Every volunteer and participant had great fun working for the ultimate goal – giving back to the community.

These give back moments are not seen as a challenge, but as a joy to serve as a group to better our community. In the last two years, we have had the pleasure to work with the following organizations:

Bridge the Gap that serves hot lunches to the homeless the 3rd Saturday of every month.
North Texas Foodbank
Rainbow Kids
Red Balloon Festival

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, where are you serving your community? If you need some ideas reach out to a Team member and consider joining in one of the Team sponsored events.

Bingo Ultimate Educational Game

Who would have thought Bingo could be so entertaining and educational! Debra Gann’s Educational Committee blew it out of the park when they hosted a social/educational event by creating a Bingo game with snippets of Team members’ lives. Forty plus Team members packed into the Social House for a fun packed hour of visiting and learning more about each other by completing the squares on their Bingo cards.

It provided an opportunity to identify fellow Team members’ uniqueness. That uniqueness may provide the perfect opportunity to make an introduction. Introductions are the seeds for helping others grow their business.

Team is all about helping others grow their business and it feels so good to give a referral that has a great chance to turn into closed business. Tracking referrals on a on the website and thanking members in the weekly meetings help keep the mission forefront and center.

How Can I Help You Grow Their Business Today!

FootGolf Anyone?

High 5 took the challenge to play the new sport FootGolf and used the event to invite potential new members, current clients and enjoy fellowship with current chapter members. Pure Success! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

FootGolf combines the popular sports of soccer and golf into one. Athletes use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with 21 inch diameter cups. The rules correspond to the rules of golf and basic model including tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards and 18 holes of play. Scorecards display par scores for each hole as in regular golf. the sport is governed by the Federation for International FootGolf and has grown primarily internationally.

Team chapters look for unique ways to engage potential members and introduce business owners to other members such as the FootGolf outing. Highly recognized guests speakers at both the chapter level and quarterly educational events are another way Team works to bring business owners, guests, and members together for a common goal. Growth in numbers of members and introductions is a natural progression to the goal of helping each Team member grow their business today.

High 5 scored a hole in one on this outing!  Way to go High 5!!